I know Spiros from his past work with vocalist Tessa Souter, and Elio from his work with Jane Bunnett. A couple of years ago Spiros sent me their duo CD Old Waters New River, and I fell in love with it. If you can imagine the confluence of Spiros's Greek background with Elio's Afro-Cuban, with a bit of flamenco thrown in, then you can imagine the "New River" they have created. The music is MELODIC and INFECTIOUSLY RHYTHMIC, ADVENTUROUS and also ACCESSIBLE to a wide audience. I'm not representing other projects of Spiros's or Elio's, just this one, because it's eminently tourable. Their first U.S. tour was a great success and they want to do more, so ask me for a copy of the CD, and when you hear it you’ll want them too.

Kenny and Patricia have performed SOLD-OUT DUO CONCERTS in Chicago and at the Montréal Jazz Festival and had such a good time that THEY'D LOVE to do it AGAIN. If you know how inherently adventurous these MASTER MUSICIANS are, you'll understand that every duo concert of theirs will be completely UNIQUE and an EXHILARATING ride for the listener.
Contact me and get on board now!

Patricia and Renee have been friends for awhile now and they combined forces in December 2015 for concerts at Chicago's Harris Theater, the Kennedy Center in DC, and National Sawdust in Brooklyn. Opera star Renee sang original songs of Patricia's with her accompanist, Patricia then performed with her Jazz Quartet, and they closed by singing some standards and holiday songs together. That for me was highlight, as their voices blended magnificently. Hopefully there will be many more joint ventures down the road for these two singular musicians. In the meantime Renee continues to sing Patricia's songs in her concerts, and Patricia is getting more work and recognition as a composer of art songs as well as jazz tunes.

I heard Holly do a Jobim program with the San Diego Symphony string section playing intricately gorgeous charts by Mike Wofford and a couple of other great arrangers to augment her quartet + percussionist ... a most unique and fulfilling evening of music! And now, to make it even more special, the great Kevin Mahogany has been added as guest vocalist. Holly also has original Ellington charts for strings, so if you have a classical series and want to add something a little different to your season, consider bringing Holly's band and arrangements to your city!

Who knew that Chaise Lounge bandleader CHARLIE BARNETT is also a classical composer of substance and depth? Well, anyone who heard the Chaise Lounge concerts at DC's Atlas Theater with the Capital City Symphony certainly knows. The first half of the program featured the Symphony playing Charlie's composition The Tarot, and the second half, now available on the live CD Symphony Lounge, featured the sextet doing a dozen of their most popular tunes, backed by the Symphony playing Charlie's original orchestrations. If you have an orchestra in your town, consider a SYMPHONY LOUNGE concert. This program has something for everyone who likes music, period.

I'm now also representing the explosive big bands of OLIVER LAKE and ANDREW CYRILLE, as well as Andrew's duo with saxophonist Bill McHenry, and his quartet with Bill Frisell, Richard Teitelbaum, and Ben Street, touring off the buzz created by NPR's laudatory reviews of the duo CD Proximity, and the quartet CD Declaration of Musical Independence. Andrew's 21st CENTURY BIG BAND UNLIMITED features his original compositions arranged and orchestrated by Mark Masters of the American Jazz Institute. The OLIVER LAKE BIG BAND focuses on Oliver's arrangements of his own compositions, has two great recordings out, and already has festival concerts lined up next summer in Philly, DC, and New York. These are two of my favorite big bands working today, and they want to play, so let's make a deal to get one to your venue this year. If you can't afford to bring the band but have a great local big band, bring Andrew or Oliver and their charts.


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