ARI HOENIG – During the 20 years that Ari has held the drum chair in my pianist Kenny Werner’s Trio, I’ve come to realize that there is not a more creative drummer in Jazz today. Deep listening and unpredictability are his trademarks, fortified by a total command of the drum kit. More recently I’ve come to appreciate Ari as a composer and bandleader as well. His current trio, with Israeli musicians Gadi Lehavi on piano and Ben Tiberio on bass, is mesmerizingly inventive and fun to listen to. That could also describe Ari’s solo concerts using only his standard 4-piece kit, which lend new meaning to the concept of melodic drumming.

Ari’s also much in demand as a clinician, and his ground-breaking books and videos are utilized by drummers and other musicians around the world. From a business standpoint, one reason I’ve added Ari to my roster is his appeal to a younger listening audience. If you’re a presenter worried about your audience aging out, book Ari and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the younger new faces who will show up to hear him. Let’s set up a concert and clinic in your town and you’ll see for yourself.


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