DAVID SANCHEZ – I got to know David through his work with my pianist Kenny Werner, and during that time I became a great admirer of his playing. No tenor saxophonist today is better at constructing a solo and telling a story on his horn. So I was delighted to add this Grammy-winning artist to my roster and to represent David’s own bands, including his newest project Carib, which garnered another Grammy nomination for Best Latin Jazz CD.

In a deeply personal journey, David Sanchez uses a modern jazz context to explore the relationship between the West African drums, melodies from Haiti, and music from his native Puerto Rico.  Afro-Puerto Rican Rhythms, Melodies and Dances such as Bomba, Juba (Yuba), Sicá and Seis Corrido, with Haitian Petro, Salongo and Rara, have inspired all the original compositions in this project.  Bomba, music developed by African descendants in Puerto Rico, is a key component that connects the country’s culture with others in the Caribbean and the Americas through music and dance.  The project is an Infusion of ancient African rhythms into thoroughly modern compositions – all within a jazz syntax.  David says, “The Caribbean feels to me like a big river, flowing and changing its formation across various lands but still one watercourse”.

This project is both fun, and deep. Check it out.


DAVID SÁNCHEZ Official Website