PATRICIA BARBER – I’ve been a fan of Patricia’s and pegged her for stardom since her first CDs in the 1990s. Possessed of a supple, hauntingly evocative voice and an expressive, idiosyncratic piano style, Patricia inexorably draws the listener into her unique musical world. Add to that a keen ear for melody and a poet’s way with wordplay and metaphor, and rarely have so many musical gifts found expression in a single soul. Whether she’s exploring every nuance of meaning in a torch song or literately critiquing today’s social scene in one of her original compositions, few artists have the storytelling ability of Patricia.

Patricia’s 2019 ArtistShare CD Higher, mostly groundbreaking originals she calls Art Songs, inspired some over the top reviews, and perfectly illustrated why she was an inductee that year (along with Michelle Obama) into the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Her new CD Clique features all covers and expresses, in Patricia’s own words, “the fun-loving, intrepid side” of her Trio. Contact me for a copy, and make a date on your calendar for one of the most significant artists working in Jazz today.




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